Description of prices and fees.

Recreation classes

Sorry we cannot accept credit cards !

Prices change due to the amount of weeks in a session. Any weeks missed will not be riembersed.

Advanced and Elite classes

These are invatation only and you will notifed of costs.

Administration and Insurance.

FLiP is a fully insured school and affiliated with the Fédération du Gymnastique de Québec.

There are two extra fees per child for new members.

Insurance ... $20 (Valid for the year. 1 September - 31 August)

Admin fee ... $15

Plus the course fee.

Summer camps and Easter Break

Summer camps run 5 days a week from 9.00AM to 4.00PM. You can come to as many camps as you wish.

$215 all inclusve.

We offer before and after child minding for a fee of $5 per half hour per child.

Birthday Parties

One hour animation and one hour in the party room for cake.

$160 for up to 8 child (A fee for extra children applies)

Cash only