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  • FLiP at the filming of Le P'tit Cabaret, TV show with TV5.
  • FLiP - Elites groups training.
  • FLiP elite team with Rosie Maclennan, 2 x Olympic Champion and Jason Burnett incredible trampolinist.
  • FLiP. Training in a beautiful renovated church.
  • FLiP. Courses for adults. Circus Fit..
  • FLiP. Circus arts.
  • FLiP. Acrobatics.
  • FLiP. Classes for all ages.
  • FLiP. Juggling and object manipulation.

Welcome to the home of FLiP

FLiP is the first full time circus school in Ste-Adèle, the Laurentians, Québec and based in a beautiful renovated church.

FLiP offers new, fun and exciting programs giving the opportunity to children and adults of all abilities to try their hand at the circus arts. FLiP offers more intense classes with the Advanced Circus Troupe, the Show Team and the Competitive Elite Trampoline squad. FLiP also offers a Preparatory Program for those wishing to enter the National Circus School 3 year program in Montreal, or looking to become professional performers and make circus their career. Our teaching staff is nationally certified and has over 20 years experience as performers and coaches in circus arts. Those many years of competing and performing bring a blend of knowledge and personal expertise that facilitates the learning experience for both the new and advanced participant.

Take a look at the activities offered including classes for kids, teenagers and adults. From tumbling to aerial skills, from juggling to Trampoline and German Wheel. Drop us a line and come and FLiP OUT!

We look forward to welcoming you to FLiP...

Dominique & Martin

What is Circus

Circus is art. Circus is a vehicle for beauty, meaning, self-expression, and social commentary, unique from dance, theater, or any other form. Circus skills have their own histories, training methods, physical vocabularies, and capabilities. They convey their own power.

Circus is practice. Circus is a unique combination of creative physicality and performance, open to anyone of any age, background, or physical ability. Circus is a vehicle for personal growth, health, self-esteem, and communication. Circus works.

Circus is community. Because of its inherent playfulness and physicality, circus brings people together in a unique and powerful way. Both circus art and circus practice are important possibilities for the creation of civil society. They provide distinct opportunities for people to meet and build relationships, across class, ethnic background and gender.